Edicts, tenders, requests, calls, preventive contests and more legal notices in all newspapers and official gazettes. Send us your text, photo or a scan of your legal notice you wish to publish through WhatsApp or by email ( indicating the newspaper of your preference and we will instantly provide you with a quote, free of charge!


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Send us the text of your legal notice to, WhatsApp +1 828 582 1673 or completing the Contact Form. You will recieve our response with the requested quote and our instructions to continue the publication. Public notices are a timeless tradition that act as accessible channel of communication between the general public and the government. Public notice ads in Newspapers keep people informed about pertinent information that may affect the local community and how to participate in local community meetings, hearings and judgements that are taking place. Legal notices are placed on a variety of topics, including things like Government Contracts Court Hearings Economic Changes Business Licensing Permits Environmental Conditions and many other changes that take place in our local communities. For any information, please contact us. We will be glad to help you!

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